Es no problem, take that photo!

Allora, va bene!

21 April 2010

Benvenuti a Foto con David

Ciao, ciao! Welcome to Photos with David, a blog dedicated to the brave ragazzi from around the world who have risked life, limb, and verbal abuse by security guards in ill-fitting blazers to snap a photo with Michelangelo's David. The Accademia is full of sneaky photogs using anything from cellphones to camcorders to document Michelangelo's masterpiece, but the real rush comes when you position yourself between the lens and the massive sculpture and snap that priceless pic of you and David. Whether you cleverly positioned yourself behind a column in the corner, enlisted friends to create the popular human shield, or brazenly held your camera high to snap that glorious photo of you hanging with everyone's favorite 17 ft marble man, this is the spot for you to showcase your renegade picture.

Allora, va bene!

The idea for this blog came during a recent trip to Florence. As former residents of the Renaissance city and experienced photos with David takers, my three friends and I arrived at the Accademia armed with four cameras. After canvasing the room, we quickly took our positions around the sculpture: a lookout, a shield, a photographer, and of course the lucky person posing with David. This process was repeated three more times, with the appropriate rotation of duties taking place. After a series of mediocre attempts that included a nice action shot of us being reprimanded by a security guard, we emerged victorious, each with our own money shot. As we exited the museum en route to some gelato, and began to review our photos one of my friends (who wishes to remain anonymous for fear this website will lead to us being taken into custody by the Carabinieri - which would not be such a bad thing if you ask me) had a revelation. It's not clear what provoked this fabulous idea, perhaps she was still overcome with emotion from standing in the presence of the incredible art created by the artistic genius that is Michelangelo, or maybe it was the combat boots, but from her lips came the concept of Photos with David.

So we invite all the brave souls out there who have joined us in snapping photos with David to submit your images to And remember, when you are being yelled at by a security guard in the Accademia for throwing up the pace sign while standing next to the David just reply "es no problem" and take that photo!

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