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22 July 2010

David (e Micheal Angelo) Fare gli Stati Uniti

Chicken Wings. Blizzards. The assassination of a president. This is Buffalo, NY in a nutshell. A far cry from the panini, sunshine, and cultural royalty who roamed the vias of Firenze. Ancora, these two città have more in common than you might know. In addition to an alarming number of Italian pizzerias, Buffalo is also home to an exact copia de David cast in Bronze.

Here, an uomo nella terra di Amerigo Vespucci demonstrates a pose perfected in the halls of the Galleria dell'Accademia, the illicit "Shhhhhhhh" pose. This Buffalonian's leg muscles rival that of David's, no? He must run a lot of 5K's.

While the pauroso security guards in blue are nowhere to be found, braving the oh so beautiful Scajaquada Expressway to snap a quick pic with the "Dark David" can be just as terrificante. You never know when a fast moving macchina driven by a rogue Canadian can fly onto the grass, headed right for you and the statue.

Lost in translation? For roughly 105 years the pedestal upon which the man, the myth, the legend stands read:

Michael Angelo

Perhaps this blunder was no blunder at all, but instead Signor Buonarotti's attempt to anglicize himself (from the grave) in order to fit in, as so many immigrants have done in the past. Either way, the plaque has recently been corrected. Bravo Buffalo, Bravo!

Check out the accidente, pre-correction, here:

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