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27 October 2010

Oh Madonna! Not Your Parent's David

All one has to do is google image search the words "Michelangelo's David" to see the plethora of molto buffo interpretations of the Renaissance sculpture. From the infamous "Fat David" to a clever play on the TMNT sharing a nome with the artista, comedic reinterpretations are as common as those knock off handbag sellers of questionable immigration status in Piazza della Repubblica.

Image courtesy of Worth1000.

While most of these images could be described as kitsch, I believe today the staff at Photos with David have uncovered the most
interessante and unique re-imagining of the marble masterpiece...
May we present Mauro Perucchetti's
"Michelangelo 2020."

Image courtesy of DayLife/Getty Images

Thats right amici, your
gli occhi are working just fine, thats a bella signora!

A fiercely gifted artist, Perucchetti creates art that couples beautiful mediums with objects of popular culture to comment on political and social issues in today's society. With "Michelangelo 2020," the artist wanted to honor how women have fought years of oppression to become equal members of contemporary society.
Michelangelo's "David" was selected as inspiration for this piece both for his place as one of the most recognizable artistic masterpieces in the mondo, as well as his biblical representation of the ultimate cavallo scuro.

(See Cork,Richard. "Meeting Mauro Perucchetti. Mauro Perucchetti [Catalogue of an exhbition held at the Halcyon Gallery, 8 Oct - 16 Nov 2010]. London: Halycon Gallery, 2010.)

Image courtesy of

To take a photo with this David, one must travel to Halcyon Gallery in London to look at Perucchetti's exhibition Modern Heroes on show until November 16th. To view more images of the donna David, as well as the rest of the fascinating works included in the show, check out the exhibition catalogue.

Can you tell due of the quattro ragazze at Photos with David were
storia dell'arte majors at università?

ASPETTA! We aren't done yet:
To apologize for the art history heavy post we will leave you with this awesome Foto con David also found during our google image search oggi. While not a self-portrait pic, this image is just too good to not be featured on this site.

Image courtsey of The Guardian

Si pu
ò americano? Certamente americano.

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