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Allora, va bene!

26 January 2011

David Gioca Nella Neve

Allora, our stateside David makes a wintry return to Photos with David. One brave "urban explorer" battled the feroce Buffalo weather in an effort to answer one of mankind's oldest mysteries. Si, that's right, this uomo set out to document the plague of the male species... cold atmosphere induced shrinkage. Fighting the freddo Gennaio temperatures, the esploratore captured a foto of the marble man standing over a bella blanket of neve fresca.

The results of the mission, si chiede? An excerpt from the explorer's detailed expedition journal states "Finally, David is in a place where he can blame it on the cold weather..." Alas, it seems not even a biblical hero created by the magnifico hands of a Renaissance genius is immune to the dreaded curse that is shrinkage. Feel free to click and zoom on the above image to see if you agree with our icy adventurer. Aspetta, maybe not at lavoro. It might be awkward if your capo walks by and catches you.

Allora, because no stone and sling will help our beloved David in this situation, we will use the words of another man struck down by shrinkage, Giorgio Costanza, to stick up for our fella "I think that you think that a certain something is not all that it could be, when in fact it is all that it should be, and more!"

Noi te amo ancora Davide, e that nice culo and favoloso sei pack make everything a-okay, va bene.

Ah, its a tit bit nipply up there in Bufalo, no?

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