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20 January 2011

Modern Day Warrior, err Recycler?

Occasionally, we at Fotos con David like to scour the mondo wide web to seek out unique and buffo takes on the marble masterpiece. And while most of the images we stumble across are the result of some trickster with a talent for photoshop (fat david anyone?), every once in awhile we find a real tresoro.

Behold the work of famous (and mysterious) British artist Banksy.

His quite modern/political take on the marble uomo was featured in his blockbuster homecoming exhibition held at the Bristol City Museum in the estate of '09.

Banksy's David looks a little bit more prepared to take on Goliath, no?

Image courtesy of

Aspetta, we know this isn't really Golia, perĂ²
it was the primo result when we searched google images for a foto of everyone's favorite Philistine.

Executed in 2006, the sculpture was also on display in LA a few years back; in the show's catalog the artist described the piece by saying "We don't need any more heroes, we just need someone to take out the recycling."

This Rambo-esque David recently went on the auction block at Sotheby's in London and was purchased for a measly $325, ooo.

Hopefully that's enough denaro for Banksy to buy himself another super secretive hoodie.

image via

To view more pictures from Banksy's show at the Bristol City Museum check out a slideshow here.

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